Ancient techniques, deep experience, rigorous preparation, technical and aesthetic attention to exclusive and innovative solutions: this has always been the philosophy of a brand that presents all the premises for a continuous innovative impulse, to project craftsmanship into the near future.

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From the very beginning, the brand stood out for its innovative yet artisanal spirit. All the characteristics of the footwear tradition have been kept intact: quality of raw materials, attention to detail and handmade workmanship. These elements distinguish the A.S.98 brand and place it at the forefront of the offer of leather footwear and accessories, for both men and women. AS98 is a brand that undoubtedly has a strong personality. It stands out because it creates something unique: something that is perceived only from real life. The AS98 brand strikes people who are looking for something unique that can make their image stand out through a genuine product. More than just a piece of clothing: the AS98 brand wants to reflect your soul. Unique and unconventional. What distinguishes them is the creativity, the spirit and the desire to experiment to forge with love products without compromises and rules. This is the only way to create unique but at the same time simple things like leather shoes. The AS98 leather boots are characterized by unbeatable practicality combined with the aesthetics of craftsmanship, so they cannot be missing from your wardrobe. It is no coincidence that the leather boots of the AS98 brand are purchased by many women for their exaggerated comfort, dictated by the sole, construction and material used. The leather boots, with its buckles and skinny laces, make women feel part of a Rock scenario from which they are inspired. From boots to leather sandals: it is impossible to resist the ethnic chic style of AS98 leather sandals. Colorful and super comfortable, the Ramos line is one of the must-haves of A.S.98. The leather sandals are characterized by a flat sole and a round toe. The insole is padded and soft, ensuring comfort without sacrificing the typical style of A.S.98. Each model of leather sandals presents colors and patterns with all the most important themes of the collection. Furthermore, research in detail is a fundamental characteristic of this brand. AS98 has managed to connect the craftsmanship of its accessories to an innovative, unique taste, with a stylistic stamp that bears a trademark: vintage, strong, dark even in leather sandals. Practical companions of everyday life, authentic glamor obsession for women: bags are at the top of the ranking of contemporary cult objects. The precious leathers of the brand for the AS98 bags are easily recognizable to the touch. The softness of the washed and reversed leathers makes the AS98 bags even more intriguing and unique. Each A.S.98 leather bag has a story to tell and expresses the style of a brand with character. AS98 interprets, in addition to leather bags, the backpack accessory in various interpretations, transformable, feminine, unisex.