It is inspired by nature and its beauty. The keywords are elegance and sophistication with a modern twist.

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The Je Suis Le Fleur universe expresses character, style and elegance, safety and strength. Je Suis Le Fleur creates exclusive textures where style and contemporary elegance mix. The culture of fashion is fundamental: each garment is specially designed to interpret the philosophy of the brand. The keywords are elegance, refinement with a modern touch. The Je Suis Le Fleur woman is self-aware, confident and gritty: casual and chic. The collections are based on essentiality like the beauty of a blossoming flower, the Je Suis Le Fleur woman expresses her character with her femininity with her dresses. Je Suis Le Fleur women's coats are the reference point of the women's clothing collection, ideal for accompanying the cold winters with a casual style with a refined soul, also perfect for mid-season, thanks to the search for light, soft and modern comfort. The Je Suis Le Fleur coats catalog offers elegant and versatile winter jackets that give the wearer charm and sobriety for a charm that makes naturalness and simplicity its common denominator. Clean and classic lines that mix with informal trends for a unique and committed style. They emphasize personality and class. Je Suis Le Fleur women's coats dress with elegance and character, inspired by the classic coats of the past such as wool pea coats. Je Suis Le Fleur coats explore all the facets of the female soul for a sophisticated and innovative outfit. Elegant dresses that dictate fashion, dresses with sober lines and unique style details, short and long models that dress with class, these are the typical features of Je Suis Le Fleur women's clothing. Each dress is designed to enrich the wardrobe of charming, self-confident women looking for a committed personal style. Inspired by a timeless style, Je Suis Le Fleur dresses blend with taste, trends and high quality fabrics. The Je Suis Le Fleur clothing collection highlights the personality and character of the wearer, plays with lines, lengths, textures, colors and ranges in materials. It offers short dresses with a casual soul, versatile by nature, knitted dresses, functional and original dresses by definition. Je Suis Le Fleur dresses are dedicated to women who love to assert themselves, surprising and enhancing their personality. Practical by nature, functional and comfortable, the Je Suis Le Fleur trousers. They dress elegant women, with a refined design and innate class. Models of casual women's trousers with a contemporary style, elegant trousers with exclusive lines. Je Suis Le Fleur, offers women's trousers that are trendy and that highlight the personality and character of those who love to surprise. Je Suis Le Fleur trousers feature an exclusive color palette for a refined look and enveloping comfort, with fine fabrics and finishes that enhance the charm of the modern woman. Slim trousers, superstretch, skinny and "new cargo" jeans reinvented in a chic version, wool, gabardine and palazzo trousers to evoke the classic styles of the past, every detail and decoration enriches the look to offer versatility and liveliness to everyday clothes . Je Suis Le Fleur trousers reinvent sartorial style, play with the refinement of detail and give a personal, classy and distinctive style for every occasion. Je Suis Le Fleur offers sensual and casual women's trousers, practical and innovative, aimed at self-confident women with an exclusive and elegant touch. Je Suis Le Fleur women's knitwear has always been synonymous with style, trend and refinement, designed to satisfy the tastes of fascinating and demanding women who strengthen their personalities with an authentic and fashionable look. Je Suis Le Fleur sweaters are elegant, classic, knitted, crewneck sweaters that mix clean and soft lines, quality fabrics and materials. Je Suis Le Fleur women's sweaters with traditional motifs ranging in colors and materials, giving personality and charm in a modern key. The haute couture and fine yarns create inimitable details inspired by the style of the past but with that contemporary touch that makes the difference. Classic or casual sweaters such as V-neck sweaters, fur-stitch cardigans, ribbed bouclé sweaters, original and functional even for special occasions. Je Suis Le Fleur sweaters are designed for dynamic and classy women who want to feel at ease, please and like themselves.