Footwear with a contemporary design, versatile and very light, for men looking for a balanced product between casual and sporty.

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Born in 1978, the Alberto Guardiani brand has established itself in the luxury shoes sector by creating high quality shoes: from the very beginning its collections boast uniqueness and innovation, blending classic and modern. In sixty years it has become a highly prestigious brand, recognized throughout the world for its elegance and style. Fashionable footwear, appreciated for the captivating colors and glamorous lines, perfect for those who love to always keep up with the latest trends. Alberto Guardiani footwear, ideal for those who love practicality but do not intend to give up style. From men's leather ankle boots to elegant lace-ups for more formal occasions. The casual proposals are also interesting, from shoes in suede and fabric to models with leather uppers, flat laces and rubber soles, for an always impeccable sporty style. The Alberto Guardiani footwear lines have earned a prominent place in the luxury shoe sector. An exemplary brand, which has become one of the indisputable symbols of Made in Italy excellence, as well as being the flagship of the Marche district and the ancient knowledge of its masters. Soft and versatile, they offer incomparable comfort and are embellished with elegant details of extreme trend. Of an authentically bewitching beauty, the Alberto Guardiani collections boast a formidable grip in the wet, give maximum smoothness to the gait and know how to give you a winning style on every occasion. The proposals of the brand are in fact called to satisfy all your needs: comfortable fit, protection, resistance to bad weather, flexibility, softness and shine of the leather, as well as the possibility of telling others about your personality. Functionality, versatility, class and hand-made character contribute to making each Alberto Guardiani a unique and unrepeatable product, which embodies tradition and innovative capacity. The well-being of the body starts from the feet, and Alberto Guardiani shoes will be a panacea for them.