The value of uniqueness that is proposed to every single creation; brand dedicated to an innovative concept of men's fashion.
The central thought on which Costumein's philosophy is based responds to the need to "free one's thoughts from programmatic rigidities, without necessarily thinking of breaking the dogmatic rules that impose sobriety and rigor, giving oneself the time to play with the details to find what which makes the difference and which helps to express the individual inclinations of each client ". The goal of this path, put in place by the founding partner Alessandro Adamo, trying to make it recognizable and different, is in fact to distance itself from basic concepts. The Costumein shirt surprises with suggestive innovations and creations. Costumein shirts are developed on cutting-edge fabrics with sophisticated effects and materials, always focusing on lines that are absolutely consistent with market demands. Made with raw material of excellent quality, made unmistakable through treatments and measures applied throughout the production, they acquire "uniqueness" for the particular moldings and finishes. Costumein shirts are carefully studied in every detail, mixing ageless styles and sources of inspiration, creating products of sure elegance and glamor. The shirt, revisited, reshaped, presented in a thousand colors or patterns, more rigorous, bolder, proposed with unprecedented volumes, is a must for the well-groomed man, who always wants to feel at ease wearing clothes that enhance his personality. In Costumein, the "Daily basic shirt" debuts, a line dedicated to the daily outfit. More classic cuts and colors in perfect harmony with formal dresses for an always perfect look. The Costumein shirts, in particular, offer excellent wearability, even in the asymmetrical models that completely abandon the established targets, distinguishing themselves and creating an emotional visual impact. In fact, they completely revisit the spaces and volumes traditionally reserved for men's fashion, turning towards a completely audacious approach to a garment that has always been the prince in every man's wardrobe.