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Ermanno Scervino is an important fashion house founded by Ermanno Daelli and Toni Scervino, a duo that expresses in its collections a continuous search for perfection without ever neglecting creativity and originality.
The internationally known Italian fashion house offers garments for men and women such as t-shirts, sweaters and pants that give an elegant and refined touch to the wearer. Innovation, creativity and experimentation in lines and fabric processing make Ermanno Scervino clothes unique and classy. Also very famous and appreciated are Ermanno Scervino women's handbags, which have conquered all women who love a fresh and bon ton style. The handbag is a very functional accessory with high aesthetic value. The rich collection of Ermanno Scervino women's handbags allows you to choose the perfect model for you, responding functionally to your practical and style needs. There is nothing more dissonant than carrying a handbag that is not well matched to the style of everything else you wear, and the same goes for colors. Luckily for us, when it comes to Ermanno Scervino women's handbags, we do not have to take into account the gender of the wearer's physique: tall, short, skinny or fleshy, we can choose, from this point of view, just the handbag we prefer. This accessory, however, must absolutely be matched with the style and nuances of our clothing. Synonymous with high Italian craftsmanship, Ermanno Scervino produces, not only handbags, but also garments with soft and elegant silhouettes, maintaining an international approach and a modern and urban style. The perfect mix of classic tailoring elements and contemporary prints with innovative fabrics synonymous with excellence. Ermanno Scervino bags are a must-have accessory for a style-conscious woman. An Ermanno Scervino bag is not just a simple container for your belongings, but a true glamorous detail that completes your look thanks to the modernity of the models and the quality of the materials. Moreover, the presence of internal pockets makes Ermanno Scervino bags very useful and very practical, so you can combine comfort and style. Ermanno Scervino clutch bag, made of cloth embellished with macula print. The special closure, made of metal and leather, refers to the aesthetic of a shell. Art Deco stylistic references merge with functional solutions such as the decorative easel, which facilitates the opening of the bag thanks to the support of a tab. The interior of the bag is made of leather in a contrasting color and is enriched with a pocket. The bonded construction gives this women's bag a luxurious look due to the harmonious blending of the bag body and lining. We also recall the Ermanno Scervino women's medium shoulder bag. This exclusive accessory, an icon of the new collection, is made of ribbed knit with bangs executed in crochet. These are inserted by hand between the knits and sewn inside, so as to create a pattern that gives dynamism to this accessory. The Ermanno Scervino shoulder bag features Faubourg ball closure and suede interior with zippered pocket. Completing the style is the light alloy groumette link chain with gold finish. Or the large Ermanno Scervino women's bag in hand-woven wicker. The Loto Bag has a contrasting closure flap in worked nappa leather with knitted padding. The pairing of the two different materials creates the distinctive ruched finish iconic to the fashion house. The front features bangs arranged symmetrically on either side of the closure and a padded leather monogram logo coordinated with the flap. The Ermanno Scervino bag can be carried by hand or on the shoulder thanks to the light alloy chain with links and knots "navy" effect with golden finish.