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Italian clothing brand. In 1974 Giuliana Gerani, already founder in the Sixties together with her husband Silvio of the Gilmar group, designs and builds a new brand: Iceberg. The brand represents an excellent synthesis between comfort and elegance, offering clothing that can be defined as sporty, with cutting-edge garments in technological innovation in processing and materials. The almost instant notoriety derives above all from the use of graphics that use the characters of Warner Brothers comics and therefore refer to a colorful pop world. In 1995 the brand made its debut on the Milanese catwalks; Iceberg is sold all over the world, even in single-brand boutiques. The widespread diffusion of the Iceberg collections is possible above all thanks to a sales network that makes use of owned showrooms in many capitals. Today Iceberg is a young total look for men and women. Alongside clothing, complete lines of licensed accessories: perfumes, eyewear, leather goods, shoes, home porcelain, ties and watches. Having started the business as knitwear, Iceberg has established itself over time as one of the first companies able to offer sportswear that is always elegant and fashionable. Iceberg, a brand now renowned for its refined and impressive style. The choice of the name is really happy: on the one hand it evokes the crystalline hardness of ice, similar to that of diamonds, on the other it gives off an idea of ​​eternity, similar to the silent persistence of great glaciers. Maybe you don't want to always feel like a lady; like all girls, sometimes you like to look sporty and light-hearted, sporting simple but far from neglected clothing. Don't worry: the Iceberg stylists have created varied and versatile models, just thinking about the needs of ordinary people and their desire for simplicity. Iceberg sneakers and sports shoes are designed for a comfortable and clean look, made of jeans and sweatshirts, rather than expensive silk dresses. The Iceberg beachwear collaboration focuses on the development, production and worldwide distribution of the swimwear and beachwear line and directly involves the creative director James Long, who designs the men's and women's proposals. The men's collection contains the Iceberg aesthetic in a series of boxers, briefs and clothing. Minimal models flank more whimsical proposals, often characterized by the usual all-over prints. Logomania is combined with patterns such as Safari, which reinterprets the camouflage color range, and Xtreme street. The collection is completed by coordinated terry towels. The women's proposals, on the other hand, include whole and modular swimsuits and even some cover-ups. Solid-colored garments alternate with lively prints such as Sistine, which ironically reworks the famous Sistine Chapel frescoed by Michelangelo. Maxi and micro logos decorate women's beachwear.