Who wears Ixos is a person who is sure of his own worth, contemporary and essential.

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Ixos was born in 1960 as a small entrepreneurial reality, with an artisan imprint in the heart of the Marche footwear district historically characterized by a wealth of knowledge and workers of excellence, quality and passion in the world of footwear. From decade to decade the brand grows and evolves towards an increasingly complete and recognizable identity, combining quality and artisan tradition with refinement and innovation. In 2015, the market launch of the first clothing collection, an idea that allows the brand to establish itself and experiment with new forms of creativity. The elements of emotional contrast and natural materials blend with the essential lines of the Ixos sandals. The contrasts create refined, modern combinations, but at the same time warm because they are imperfect, conveying the idea of ​​essentiality that contrasts with artifice. In the Ixos sandals the essential is realized, whether it is material, decoration or excess of function. The colors are declined on soft and dusty shades, from light to dark, neutral grays, but also the so-called chromatic grays, cold and warm. Color, in Ixos sandals, is no longer to be understood only as an aesthetic-decorative element but as a set of implications that open up new scenarios of design innovation. Ixos creates sandals for unique and timeless experiences not affected by clichés or classic fashion standards. Wearing an Ixos sandals performs an expressive and aesthetic function. A woman who wears Ixos sandals is a woman who knows she can be many things together, a subtle balance of femininity, charisma, relationship, with a practical, contemporary, committed, evolved style. She is a dynamic woman, satisfied with her life and she considers time an accomplice to talk to.