Passion. Experience. Tradition.
Born from the passion of a group of artisans rooted in the Caserta area, a land of experience and tradition in the footwear sector, Jp David is a brand that immediately enjoyed success with both national and foreign audiences. A refined product, based on the search for the highest quality materials, worked and assembled with ancient craftsmanship and rich in meticulous details. A style attentive to research that reveals a typically Made in Italy matrix. A constantly evolving shoe with artisanal DNA. A wide selection of Jp David men's lace-up shoes, perfect to be worn with a tailored suit or, why not, to make a casual-chic outfit more original. The classic Jp David men's lace-ups, in black or dark brown, are a real must have in any wardrobe: they will be a versatile joker, to be used on occasions where you need to show off a truly elegant look. The great variety of colors, designs and materials will make it very easy to find the pair of lace-up shoes that best suit your style and occasion: just choose your favorite pair, and play with the most unexpected combinations. Jp David men's lace-up shoes with a more classic and elegant design, such as those with a square toe with upper in shiny leather or a shoe in smooth leather, while those with perforated decorations can give a pleasant vintage touch to your clothing. Some of the most innovative Jp David men's lace-ups are born from the happy contamination between contemporaneity and classic style: for example, a low sole and ankle boot will give the shoe a delicately sporty look, to be combined with a very breezy and energetic casual style, suitable for 'office. When you think of men's lace-up shoes, in general, the classic ones immediately come to mind which, usually, are combined with formal wear but, in fact, this is not the case. The Jp David men's lace-ups, in fact, come in many models, from the most elegant to the most sporty ones. Symbol of informal clothing, the Jp David men's loafers, without laces with a minimal design, are inevitable in a refined and functional men's wardrobe. In the collection of Jp David men's loafers you will find different types of proposals, in line with the creativity of the brand. Alongside leather moccasins in basic colors, for example, you will also find creations with whimsical shades and original decorations such as studs. Finally, metal buckles or contrasting color inserts adorn the more sophisticated Jp David men's moccasins to which this touch of design does not, however, lose the essentially easy mood.